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Freedom and Healing

"I have been seeing Lisa for the past year on a regular basis. I originally went in to heal from family wounds as holiday seasons were extremely difficult for me. Not only have I spent the last year healing those wounds, but I have also been healing from sexual abuse, spiritual abuse and emotional neglect. It is amazing the layers involved with healing and if we let the Holy Spirit work, what can be revealed and redeemed. For years, I have struggled having a public voice. I would get extreme anxiety and ringing in my ears to a point I couldn't even think. As I have healed the wounds, I have been given a voice to speak again. I am grateful for how Lisa has led me in this process, never assuming or pushing. I know this journey towards healing takes courage, but I strongly recommend Lisa to guide you on it."

At my first session, I was able to clear the emotion of shame that has been plaguing my body for far too long. Lisa helped to break the enemy's generational stronghold of shame for my children, and I was amazed to see the results this has had. In the recent weeks, since this session, my middle son has finally started to process emotions like I have not seen him do in two years. My oldest son has started making progress through grief that he has also been struggling with for two years. It has been incredible!

“I took my son to work with Lisa due to his birth trauma. Her kindness and genuine interest in my son’s story made him so relaxed and willing to work each time. After his sessions he was noticeably healed from his grief and trauma to this day. I am beyond grateful and recommend Lisa to any family looking for healing!”

I started working with Lisa over a year ago, and I have grown and healed incredibly. My Splankna journey has allowed me to work through childhood trauma, break generational strongholds and curses, and deal with root issues, especially those that were deep and hidden. I appreciate the relationship that Lisa and I have established, her full understanding of Splankna, and the intentionality she brings to every session. I am a huge proponent of working on becoming who God has called us to be, and in this season of my life, Splankna and working with Lisa have been instrumental in creating the space for me to do just that.

"What is Splankna I asked my sister several years ago when she recommended I give it a shot. At the time I honestly didn’t see a need to try out something that seemed mysterious and holistically unconventional.  In 2021 I went through a very painful romantic relationship that ended badly. At the end of this relationship, I found myself desperate to get into therapy and counseling to figure out how I ended up in this position. The therapy was a great start, but I still found myself feeling stuck and not sure how to get unstuck. The idea of trying Splankna came to my mind and I searched to find someone to help. Thank God I did!  Lisa is quiet, gentle and patient, but still able to address things. The process was surprising. Where therapy helped me deal with what I knew were issues, Splankna unearthed deeper wounds that have been plaguing me from childhood. In the first exploration session I found unique relief. By the fourth sessions I found tremendous freedom and clarity.  I have said several times to Lisa and friends, I know I will never be the same again. Splankna takes down the walls and barriers you’ve built up to protect yourself so that you can find healing and create God centered boundaries rather than self-protecting barriers. I’ve already recommended Lisa to several friends and will continue to do so! "

"Splankna has been a key component in my healing journey. It is truly so gentle in resolving life's most significant traumas. Lisa, in ONE session, assisted me in removing a thread of sadness that had dotted the landscape of my life!  I awoke the next day with such JOY and happiness.  It has been over a week since my appointment and I am still experiencing the fruit of my work with Lisa!  Thank you!"

“I’ve worked with Lisa for one year and it was my first experience with Splankna. Her genuine care for my story and desire for healing in my life sets her apart among the many therapists I have worked with across the country. I have seen the most tremendous healing I didn’t hope was possible for me and I’m forever grateful to have worked with Lisa to find it!”

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