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What is Splankna?

And Other Questions

What is Splankna?

This method capitalizes on how the mind, body, and spirit are very connected in order to resolve emotional stress from the past quickly. When all these elements of the person are working together, real change happens.  Muscle response testing is used as a tool to identify emotions connected with key painful events of a client's past as well as physical connections to the stored emotions. Our bodies store emotions like frequencies, and a simple combination of touch and thought allows the body to release these stored emotions.  When the stored emotions are out of the way, the client is able to break the destructive lies and decisions that were adopted in the vulnerable state of those painful events.  The result is lasting change.

How is Splankna different than services from a psychotherapist or licensed counselor?

These services fall under the category of Christian ministry or complimentary and alternative healing art.  As such, it is not under the authority of licensing boards. This method takes a different path than talk therapy, traditional counseling, or medicine but it can be used alongside these other healing modalities.  It is centered on prayer while utilizing innovative mind-body techniques to help get to the cause of emotional issues. The goal is to quickly desensitize emotional stress connected to a past experience.  This is a faith-based system of help, incorporating biblical tools of confession, repentance, and forgiveness.  You can learn more about this method, its creator, Sarah Thiessen, and it's essential bedrock of biblical Christian truth at

Who do you work with?

I work with women, men, couples, teens and children.  Younger children can partner with a parent to work with this method.  Couples may come work together in session, with the focus of the work shifting between each individual. I work with Christians and others.

Can this kind of emotional work help physical issues?

Connections between emotions and physical issues are widely apparent.  This kind of work can help physical issues to the extent that they are emotionally rooted.

What should I expect from my first Splankna session?

This session will give us an opportunity to meet, I can answer your questions, and I'll learn what you have identified as currently causing you difficulty.  I will pray with you and seek the Lord's help and healing for our time together.  We will then utilize the mind-body tools for identifying and addressing the emotions prioritized for this session and the connected spiritual and physical pieces of the work. This is a gentle and effective tool. Finally, we can thank God for what He has accomplished!

How can I learn more about Splankna?

I am happy to answer your questions before your session and at your session.  For those of you who want deeper dive into what Splankna is, the creator of Splankna, Sarah Thiessen, has written a great book, Splankna: The Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God.  It is available in print and audio version on Amazon and other retailers.  Our Colorado Springs library system has  this title, too.

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