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On a Video Call

Virtual Splankna

Online Splankna Sessions

Splankna sessions can be done online, over video call through Certified Splankna Practitioners who have the Listening Splankna Certification.  This method utilizes listening prayer for some of the steps that would be done in person with muscle testing.  It is another effective option for people who do not have a nearby practitioner or find in-person appointments difficult.

 I am so grateful that I found Splankna and you.  I love the Lord and he has healed me in so many ways, but something was missing.  I heard about Splankna through a podcast and immediately knew that I wanted to try it.  I found your site and have experienced so much freedom just in the 4 sessions I have completed with you.  It is clear to me that you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to help facilitate God's healing.  I believe this is a therapy that could help everyone.  I feel like a new person and have been told by others that there is something different about me.  I am able to fully enjoy this life that the Lord has given me even when things aren't going well.  I am eternally grateful!  Thanks so much for your time and willingness to help people like me.
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