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About Lisa Bright


I have the very unique privilege of working with people in my office and online to pursue emotional healing using mind-body tools that are gentle and effective. 


I come at this work from a Christian worldview and true dependence on God to help my clients get to important roots for their healing and growth. I continue to be amazed by my clients and how this process helps them. God is so good!

I am God's girl first with a long path of following Jesus and walking in His love and the light of His word.  I am grateful to share these healing interventions both with people who share my Christian faith and those who do not.

My background is as a biology grad from CSU.  I have taught a wide variety of ages of children and teens, and I have done some work with kids with addictions and kids with special needs. Compassion, continued learning, growth, and integrity are all really important to me.

My journey to learning these techniques of grew out of my own encounters with this kind of emotional healing work for myself and family members. It was fascinating, it was fast, and it produced in me lasting change, relieving an emotional burden I was tired of carrying.  I gained a real sense of purpose to learn about these tools to help other people.


Family healing is also very close to my heart. I have had the gift of being wife and mother of a big family now for many years. It is a transformative, messy and beautiful journey.  These roles continue to teach me that people are wonderfully unique and complex.  Sometimes the important gift we give to those we love is to help them grow and heal. Sometimes the gift they need is that WE grow and heal. 


My hope is that deeply needed change will be just ahead on your path, too.

Splankna Training Institute Designations:

Level 1 (Core) Training - September 2020

Advanced Training - April  2021

Master Practitioner Certification - August 2021

Listening Splankna Certification-August 2022

Recent Continuing Education of All Levels

Consider working with me for any of these reasons:

If you are tired of the ways you feel stuck

If your emotional reactions don't match what you rationally know

If see yourself repeating family patterns you don't like

If you want to get over something and have been unsuccessful

If you wonder whether something hidden is affecting you

If you have a child with emotional or behavioral challenges

If will power, self help, or other therapies, etc., haven't been enough

If you want change in your career or personal life

If fear, shame, anger, or sadness is holding you back

If you want to want to grow and thrive

Splankna sessions can be done online, over video call through Certified Splankna Practitioners who have the Listening Splankna Certification.  This method utilizes listening prayer for some of the steps that would be done in person with muscle testing.  It is another effective option for people who do not have a nearby practitioner or find in-person appointments difficult.

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