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What Does Splankna Mean?

Updated: Feb 12

Splankna is a Greek word used in the Bible's New Testament. The Greek alphabet is different, of course, so "splankna" is what the word sounds like, depicted with our alphabet. Some resources call it "splagchnon" or something similar. It is a word with shades of meaning, both about the body and the emotions. Literally, it means the internal organs, or viscera. It has been translated as bowels, intestines, guts, or heart at times. It is also translated more as a feeling in the body, like where from inside our bodies that feelings come from, affections, tenderness, feelings of compassion. The Greeks also used the term for passionate emotions like anger and love.

You can see this Greek word in 11 places in the original Greek New Testament: Luke 1:78; Acts 1:18; 2 Corinthians 6;12 and 7:15; Philippians 1:8 and 2:1; Colossians 3:12; Philemon 1:7, 12, and 20; and 1 John 3:17. You will see the various ways it is translated.

We have the capacity to feel deep emotions that includes a physical reaction, sometimes in what is a clear body location. We talk about having a heart for something, or a broken heart. We talk about having the guts to do something. We can have a sense of dread in the pit of our stomach or feel like we just got kicked in the gut when we hear bad news. We may have a smile that we just can't hold back. We can call a feeling of indignation being "galled." We may notice shortness of breath from our lungs, or a fast pulse from our heart connected to an anxious moment or even a memory of the experience. These are examples of how we are beautifully, intricately designed by God. We have "splankna."

When we do Splankna Therapy, we acknowledge God's designed connection of each person's body, soul, and spirit. Put another way, our mind and emotions are connected to our body and spirit. People see these connections whether they are Christians or not, whether they believe in God the Creator or not. Various cultures and religions and have drawn conclusions about these connections. Some are incorrect, and some we may agree on, but the connections are God's good gifts to us, to all of us. Splankna Therapy uses the healing gifts of prayer, forgiveness, confession, repentance, and breaking agreement with lies of the enemy, opposing attack to our spirits. And it uses these mind-body connections, "SPLANKNA," as gifts from God, giving him the glory for these mysterious, deep, and very real connections. We ask Him to use His connections in us for healing and freedom, a truer sense of His immeasurable love, an unhindered ability to move ahead in all he wants each of us uniquely to accomplish.

I have seen it happen again and again with Splankna. And I thank our amazing, loving, powerful, surprising God, wanting all of what is truly from Him. Nothing more. And definitely nothing less.
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Thank you for sharing this! It is beautiful! I learn so much from you. I am thankful for all the wisdom you share.

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